2024/06/04Press Release

IdealRoute Consulting has signed exclusive distribution agreement with Digital Arts Inc. to strengthen its file security product "FinalCode" in overseas markets.

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IdealRoute Consulting, Inc. has concluded an exclusive distribution agreement with Digital Arts Inc., which develops the "FinalCode" file security product, for sales in overseas markets, and we will lead the global development of "FinalCode".

Global deployment of "FinalCode"

FinalCode" is a security solution with three elements: 'protection', 'tracking' and 'erasability '. File accessibility can be set in detail, and it is possible to track the operation and opening history of files that have left your possession. In addition, files can be deleted remotely, keeping important data protected wherever it may be.

As the exclusive distributor of FinalCode

Due to the transfer of all shares of the former parent company, Digital Arts, to Change Holdings, Inc, we changed our name to IdealRoute Consulting in April 2024.
Going forward, we will be the exclusive distributer of Digital Arts "FinalCode" to expand market share in Asia to support safe and stable implementation and operation.

About IdealRoute Consulting

IdealRoute Consulting was established on April 1, 2016 as Digital Arts Consulting, bringing together members with expertise in IT strategy consulting for management departments.
In April 2024, we joined the Change Holdings Group and will be responsible for strengthening services in the cybersecurity field.
Recently, external cyber-attacks targeting companies and government agencies, and internal leaks of confidential information, have come to be recognized as serious problems not only in Japan but around the world, and there isa growing demand for a support in
implementation of security products.
We have assembled a team of consultants and engineers who areexpertise in cyber security, and as "CISO Service", we provide one-stop support to solve our clients' security issues.
CISO Service" has flexibility and promptness to match market needs for security measures, and especially supports the introduction of cyber security measures for major companies in the manufacturing, financial, and pharmaceutical industries.

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IdealRoute Consulting Inc.
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E-mail: info@idr-c.com

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