2023/04/13Press Release

Digital Arts Consulting signs distributor agreement with Nozomi Networks, a provider of security solutions for OT/IoT, to offer OT SOC for visibility and threat detection.

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Digital Arts Consulting will sign a distributor agreement with Nozomi Networks, Inc, a global company providing security solutions for OT/IoT, effective April 13, 2023.

We also provide OT SOC services as an operational menu using Nozomi Networks Guardian (hereinafter referred to as "Guardian"), Nozomi Networks Vantage (hereinafter referred to as "Vantage"), and Nozomi Networks Arc (hereinafter referred to as "Arc"), which are provided by Nozomi Networks.

【As a distributor for Nozomi Networks】

With the increasing number of cyber attacks against OT/IoT devices in factories and plants, a different approach from conventional security devices for IT is required.

Guardian provides visibility and security into OT/IoT networks, offering detailed asset management, vulnerability assessment, communications and process visibility by understanding OT/IoT protocols down to the application level, and hybrid threat detection that combines AI and machine learning with traditional signature-based threat detection to detect known and unknown (including zero-days) threats.。

Digital Arts Consulting has supported many customers as a service provider in the past, but due to the growing demand for security in the OT/IoT market and the shortage of security personnel, Digital Arts Consulting will provide added value to customers by offering a full range of services from sales to operation of solutions provided by Nozomi Networks, based on the knowledge gained from our existing service services.

Based on the OT market trend and Nozomi Networks' product characteristics, Digital Arts Consulting aims to achieve sales of 3 billion yen, including OT SOC, in the three years through FY2025, and to provide a support menu tailored to customer needs.

【We solve the problems that our customers face】

・Lack of understanding of known/new vulnerabilities
・No system to detect anomalies
・No response system for vulnerability identification and anomaly detection

Security expertise is required to solve the above issues and to respond to alerts detected by Guardian during the operational phase.

With our managed services, we can detect alerts, triage, and perform operations required by Guardian on your behalf, lowering your operating costs and providing you with peace of mind. Our OT SOC also provides operational support services that include not only Guardian operations, but also Vantage, our cloud-based platform, and Arc, our endpoint sensor.

Digital Arts Consulting OT SOC Service Features】

Support for visualization of OT/IoT devices in factories and plants using Guardian, Vantage, and Arc

As an introduction support service, our engineers will support you to visualize vulnerabilities by listing asset information including device name/OS/Firmware/IP, grouping networks by factory/plant and displaying MAP, CVE score value and vulnerability statistics for each device, etc. using Nozomi Networks' products. We support the visualization of vulnerabilities with CVE score values, vulnerability statistics, etc. for each device.

Anomaly Detection and Early Response Support

OT SOC can provide support services during the implementation phase and the post-implementation operational phase, including detection of unauthorized terminal connections and outbound communications, hybrid threat detection using behavioral and signature-based threat detection, automated mapping and real-time visualization of the entire industrial network, system awareness, network configuration, activity management, incident response and troubleshooting, and more. OT SOC will handle the management of activity, incident response and troubleshooting tasks.

Provide 24/365 alert response

OT SOC provides SOC response services such as anomaly detection and triage in the customer's environment, as well as operational support required for the solutions provided by Nozomi Networks on behalf of the customer.

In order to set up a response system within the client, it is necessary to secure security personnel with expertise and knowledge, but this requires a large cost due to the shortage of security personnel in the industry. Our SOC members and engineers with multifaceted security expertise can provide 24/365 alert response and cost savings by acting as your operational agent.


In conjunction with the distributor agreement, we have received the following comments from Mr. Yuji Ashiya, Country Manager of Nozomi Networks Inc. in Japan.

As many companies throughout Japan are digitizing their business processes, cybersecurity in IT, OT, and IoT networks has become a top priority. We are pleased to welcome Digital Arts Consulting as our new distributor to provide our customers with the latest technology solutions for OT and ICS visibility and security, such as Vantage and Nozomi Arc."

・About Nozomi Networks Inc.

Nozomi Networks accelerates digital transformation by protecting the world's critical infrastructure, industries, and governments from cyber threats, Threat detection and insight for OT and IoT environments. Customers trust us to maximize operational resiliency while minimizing risk and complexity.


・About Digital Arts Consulting, Inc. 

Digital Arts Consulting, Inc. was established on April 1, 2016 by bringing together members who specialize in IT strategy consulting to management divisions.
In recent years, cyber-attacks against companies and government agencies from outside and leaks of confidential information from within have become recognized as serious problems not only in Japan but also worldwide, and the need for support for the introduction of security products has been increasing. In order to respond flexibly and promptly to the needs of the market, Digital Arts mainly provides support for the introduction of cyber security measures, especially for major companies in the manufacturing, financial, and pharmaceutical industries, while leveraging its customer base and know-how cultivated in the information security industry.


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