New business development support

For Sustainable Corporate Growth

The environment in which companies are placed is changing at a rapid pace with an intensifying competitive environment owing to the shrinking of existing markets, participation of other companies, and changes in service models. Therefore, it is essential for companies to promote initiatives into new businesses to survive and achieve sustainable growth
On the other hand, new business development requires an internal environment that differs from the mindset and skills required to promote existing businesses. Therefore, the reality is that promoting such initiatives is difficult, and there is a high probability of failure. We provide support for increasing the probability of success for the development of your new business based on the extensive experience of our participating members.

We solve your problems.

  • Do not know how to consider new business themes with a high probability of success
  • Lack of manpower for new business development
  • Be able to build an organizational structure that will lead new businesses to success
  • be able to continuously promote new business development

Service Features

Support from members with diverse backgrounds

Support from members with diverse backgrounds

  • Support will be provided by members with experience in leading new business development in variety of industries to suceed in a variety of environments, including consulting firms, business companies, and training companies. With the support of members with diverse backgrounds, we will provide ideas when considering new business themes and conduct checks to avoid pitfalls Lurking in individual business environments, thereby increasing the probability of success of the new business.
Support for new business development with an ownership

Support for new business development with an ownership

  • Our basic policy is to have members of our company in the new business development team and practice a support method that promotes development together. . However, the members of our company and extensive support with an ownership can increase the probability of success.

Details of the support

Our members will join the new business development team and work with your members to promote the following

New business development theme/concept study support (various types of analysis, tentative establishment of theme study target areas, idea identification, business case development, etc.)

Feasibility verification support (specification review, prototyping/demonstration testing, market research, improvement plan review, etc.)

Business development support (specification refinement, product/service manufacturing/supply/operation design/development/testing, marketing measure review, KGI/KPI setting, monitoring method review, etc.)

Market launch support (implementation of marketing measures, improvement of product/service specifications and manufacturing/supply/operation, etc.)

Business expansion support (improvement of marketing, sales, after-sales service, etc.)

Support for overall management of new business development (setting development targets based on company strategy, setting schedules, setting business development tasks and processes, setting communication methods for related parties, checking progress and issues, reviewing measures, etc.)

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