RPA implementation support (QuickStart for RPA)

RPA (Robotic Process Automation), indispensable for DX promotion

Improving work productivity and developing a work environment that suits various work styles are essential for promoting digital transformation (DX) and improving corporate growth and value
The use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is indispensable for strengthening competitiveness through increased productivity and realization of work style reform. We offer one-stop support, including business analysis (including BPR), proposal of optimal solutions, its implementation, and operational support.

We solve our customers’ problems

  • want to analyze work and identify tasks that can be automated. 
  • want to keep an eye on company-wide deployment from the introduction plan.
  • want to adopt optimized RPA solutions for your company's needs.
  • Want to start automating operations as soon as possible

Service Features

Service delivery model tailored to your needs

Service delivery model tailored to your needs

  • 【Consulting Model】 We conduct not only business process analysis and visualization, but also formulate an introduction policy based on the information and conditions necessary for decision-making within your company and future scalability to select optimized RPA solutions.
  • 【One-package model】initial development and licensing can be provided within the monthly service. Thus, the automation of operations and early investment recovery are achieved, and after-sales follow-up, such as post-implementation deployment support, is also enhanced.

In any deliverymodel, consultants with extensive work improvement experiencewill provide atotalone-stop support for a series of processes, from business analysis (including BPR), RPA implementation planningand licensing to developmentand deployment.

Fast payback

Fast payback

  • We provide licenses and services on a monthly flat-rate system that includes an initiation fee.
  • The initiation fee is not included in the monthly fee from the second year onwards, so the investment recovery speed can be further accelerated.
  • Post-implementation deployment support is included in the monthly fee, so the automation area can be expanded without additional costs.
Features of each RPA tool

Features of each RPA tool

  • WinActor and BizRobo! are available for small start-up and are highly cost-effective for post-implementation expansion.


The basic fee structure for the one-package model is as follows
1 The "One Package Model" provides up to 10 licenses.
2: Applicable whenlicenses are added after the initial year of introduction.
3 The contract period is for one year, with automatic renewal after the second year onwards.
4 "Consulting Model" will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

First year *First license 250,000 yen monthly per license
First year *Second license onwards*1 235,000 yen monthly per license
Second year onwards*2 *First license 200,000 yen monthly per license
Second year onwards*2 *Second license onwards*1 185,000 yen monthly per license


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