Deep Instinct Introduction and Operation Support Services

Next-generation anti-virus products utilizing deep learning

Machine learning uses a "detection model" created by having a machine learn from past attack data selected by humans to estimate malware.
Since the accuracy of malware detection is determined by the past data that serves as the basis for learning, this can lead to false omissions and false positives.
Deep learning, on the other hand, uses "prediction models" created by machines that automatically learn the characteristics of malware themselves, enabling highly accurate malware detection that is not possible with machine learning.
Deep Instinct is a next-generation antivirus product that uses deep learning technology to detect and quarantine malware before it executes, enabling "predictive threat protection. "

We solve your problems

  • Signature-based detection does not protect against unknown threats.
  • Behavioral detection has the possibility of false omissions and false positives.
  • Operational burden of investigating the impact of threat detection, updating signatures, etc.

Service Features

Prevention of Unknown Threats

Prevention of Unknown Threats

  • Detects known threats as well as unknown threats, reducing the risk of infection by addressing a wide range of threats.
High detection accuracy of over 99% with a minimum false positive rate of 0.1 or less

High detection accuracy of over 99% with a minimum false positive rate of 0.1 or less

  • The system can make highly accurate judgments and reduce false positives as much as possible to learn both malicious and harmless files.
Reduced operational burden

Reduced operational burden

  • Unlike products that perform behavior detection, this system prevents attacks before they are executed, thereby reducing the frequency of emergency responses due to infection.
  • Since the learned "prediction model" is maintained at the terminal side, there is no need for daily signature updates or full scans.

Implementation Support Service

STEP01|Preparation of hearing sheet

Confirmation of the contents of the hearing sheet regarding settings.
We provide a hearing sheet that describes our recommended settings, so customers who are installing the system for the first time can be rest assured.


Deep Instinct will be set up on behalf of the customer. *The client is responsible for installing the agent on the client's PC.

STEP03|Start of use

Inquiries for the product after installation will be responded. Training for administrators on the product tuning and event occurrence will be provided as well.


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