CASE STUDYPrisma Cloud FISC Support for Financial Institutions

Implemented a policy in compliance with FISC security standards for a major financial institution using Prisma Cloud, and designed and supported the operational scheme. Concerning the existing security policy, we made policies and alerts for specific monitoring items in a multi-cloud environment.

Prisma Cloud FISC Support for Financial Institutions


Customer Requests & Challenges

The client wants to audit the policies of the multi-cloud FISC security standards and perform SOC operations. We also want to narrow down alerts and provide notifications so as not to overburden the SOC.


  • Prisma Cloud covers multiple cloud services
  • Create your own Prisma Cloud policy based on IdealRoute Consulting's knowledge of FISC
  • Implementation support by engineers with multi-cloud experience
  • Scope of support is not limited to implementation but also includes operational support
  • Highly accurate policy design by consultants
  • Design and implementation of detailed customer policies, including tuning of alarm priority response levels


Visualization of cloud resources, which had been managed on parameter sheets, was implemented, and checking the configuration status was incorporated into daily operations, enabling prevention of incidents before they occur due to misconfiguration, etc.



By consolidating the checks on the growing number of cloud resources into a single platform, Prisma Cloud, the company was able to significantly reduce the number of audit man-hours and improve accuracy.

Customer voice

We are now able to continuously monitor security risks that we were not aware of, and we can operate our multi-cloud system securely.

The ability to monitor the SOC for configuration values that were previously only available on the parameter sheet has increased compliance with security policies.
The ability to manage from a single platform without having to enter the console of each cloud service and the ability to easily visualize and notify customers of defined policies has reduced the operational burden.

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