CASE STUDYCyberArk is deployed to unify global policies for a service industry

A group company with multiple offices, both domestic and overseas, needed to meet the security requirements for privileged IDs as part of its global policy. CyberArk was introduced as the product to meet the requirement, which was already being used at the overseas offices.

CyberArk is deployed to unify global policies for a service industry


Compliance with Global Policy

A security policy was formulated that required all group offices to comply with the management of privileged IDs, and it was imperative that domestic offices also comply with the policy. However, the current operation was not able to meet the requirements for privileged ID application and log management of privileged user activity, etc. In order to meet the requirements, the company began considering the introduction of CyberArk.


  • Complying with security requirements in line with group policies
  • Multi-step approval and logging in workflow
  • Integrating with Active Directory (AD) and RADIUS servers is possible
  • Wide range of management support, including servers and NW devices
  • High confidentiality through information encryption
  • Capability of implementing functions such as recording of operation records and restricting of login time


CyberArk implements privileged ID management function to enhance privileged access security



Unified operation using a workflow for application approval and simplified auditing work by recording and saving videos and logs of work using privileged IDs. Also, as a requirement for use, privileged IDs can only be used at specific times, enhancing operational security in associated with the use of privileged IDs. Operation in accordance with the group's security policy has been achieved.

Customer voice

Achieve Compliance with Security Policy

When the application approval workflow was introduced, user operations required to change, but we were able to create and deploy internal rules to proceed the changes that accompanied with the achievement of security requirements without disruption. Since application credential management is possible with CyberArk, we will consider to implement it in the future.

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