"D-Alert Quick-IR Option" incident response service

Providing Incident Response Services after receiving of "D-Alerts" to inform of cyber risks

IdealRoute provides "D-Alerts", a cyber risk information provision service.
D-Alert is an information provision service that uses the functions of IdealRoute' "i-FILTER" web security product and "m-FILTER" email security product to provide information on malware infection and website tampering to customers suspected of being infected with malware and to customers other than IdealRoute' own customers.
"D-Alert Quick-IR Option" provides three services: "i-FILTER" and "m-FILTER" log investigation, PC investigation, and advisory. This enables customers using "i-FILTER" and "m-FILTER" to use an IR (incident response) system as a service, which is usually difficult for small and medium-sized companies to have on their own.

Service Features

i-FILTER/m-FILTER log investigation

i-FILTER/m-FILTER log investigation

  • Communication logs and security logs will be checked to determine the extent of impact and damage to the customer's environment.
PC Investigation

PC Investigation

  • Logs and other information will be checked on the relevant PCs to the D-Alert to confirm if there is a possibility of malware infection and information leakage.


  • Advisory services such as measures that are considered to be necessary will be provided in addition to i-FILTER/m-FILTER log investigation and PC investigation.

Specific measures

First, the logs of "i-FILTER" and "m-FILTER" will be investigated to confirm whether if there is a possibility of malware infection and information leakage. Next, a PC investigation is conducted to check for the possibility of malware infection and information leakage by examining the logs of the relevant PCs to D-Alerts. The investigation will be conducted on up to three PCs for a maximum of one day. Finally, an advisory on measures considered necessary in addition to "i-FILTER", "m-FILTER" and PC investigation will be provided. These advisories are for general environments. After receiving an investigation request, we will report the results of our response within one business day at the earliest during our business hours.

In addition, advisory services for customer-specific environments will be provided as a separate fee-based service. For customers who require more detailed investigation and analysis, we offer an "Add-on Service." This service can identify malware infection and information leakage with a high degree of accuracy by forensically examining PCs, analyzing malware, and investigating existing devices such as UTM (Unified Threat Management) in the customer's environment. Estimates are provided on a case-by-case basis.

Standard Price

Prices are monthly usage fees per account. On-premise and cloud are the same price.

For i-FILTER 120 yen (excluding tax)
For m-FILTER 120 yen (excluding tax
For both i-FILTER and m-FILTER 180yen (excluding tax)