Vulnerability Management with Tenable Products

Visualizing the Risk of External Attacks
The Concept of Vulnerability Management

The need for organizations to collect vulnerability information and take countermeasures against discovered vulnerabilities as a security measure is increasing day by day. The more systems an organization has in operation, the greater the volume of vulnerability information, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine which vulnerabilities to address one by one by human resources. Therefore, we propose the use of Tenable products as a tool to introduce the concept of vulnerability management, to discover vulnerabilities within an organization, and to clearly determine which vulnerabilities to address first.

Product Features

Support for various types of terminals, servers, and network devices

Support for various types of terminals, servers, and network devices

  • There is basically no difference in handling between on-premises and cloud computing, regardless of OS.
  • Vulnerability information can be collected from both inside and outside of terminals, allowing operations to be tailored to the network environment.

Provides guidance on which vulnerabilities to address first

Provides guidance on which vulnerabilities to address first

  • In addition to numerical values such as CVSSv3 and danger level, a numerical value called VPR, which is a numerical value of "priority response level" calculated by Tenable, is assigned to the discovered vulnerability information to provide suggestions for vulnerabilities that should be addressed as a priority.
  • Vulnerabilities discovered on terminals with high business risk can be assigned a higher priority response level.
High vulnerability detection capability

High vulnerability detection capability

  • The company has the world's No. 1 market share as a vulnerability management solution, and maintains more than 150,000 check items as a function for detecting vulnerabilities.
  • Apart from the above, it also has a function to determine if the configuration status in the device is appropriate or not. This helps to check for inadequacies in security settings.
  • It is highly reliable and is used by general vulnerability assessment companies.

Installation Flow

STEP01|Service Application

After meeting with our representative, the timing of introduction and the number of required licenses will be decided, and the service will be purchased.

STEP02| Installation

After meeting with our representative, we will confirm the actual implementation date and the items that need to be prepared in advance, and then we will implement the system according to the schedule.
※On-site support is also available.

STEP03|Start of use

Start of use
Vulnerability management using the installed product will begin.

Service Description

We provide support for Tenable implementation by dividing it into two major processes.

Introduction support

In addition to support from the proposal of configuration to the start of use, we provide an inquiry period to ensure a smooth start of use.

Operation Support

We provide operational support after Tenable implementation is complete. In addition to training and report submission, we can customize the support content according to your needs.