Vulnerability Assessment Services

Preventing Cyber Attacks by Identifying Vulnerabilities in Systems

With the increasing number of cyber-attacks that exploit various vulnerabilities discovered every day, it is becoming increasingly important to prevent cyber-attacks by identifying vulnerabilities in your systems in advance and correcting the discovered vulnerabilities.
Our vulnerability assessment detects vulnerabilities in web applications, operating systems, middleware, etc., and supports customers in taking countermeasures against these vulnerabilities.

Service Features

Visualization of vulnerabilities in web applications, OS, and middleware

Visualization of vulnerabilities in web applications, OS, and middleware

  • We visualize vulnerabilities that exist in your system by our diagnosticians.

Through interviews with our clients, we provide detailed explanations of the threats posed by the discovered vulnerabilities.

  • We will also cover countermeasures against the discovered vulnerabilities, and contribute to improving the security level of the system.

Introduction Flow

STEP01|Service Application

After meeting with our staff, the timing of the diagnosis is decided and a contract is signed.

STEP02|Preparation for diagnosis

Preparation for diagnosis
After meeting with our staff, we will confirm the actual date of the diagnosis and the items that need to be prepared in advance, and conduct the diagnosis according to the schedule.
On-site services are also available.

STEP03|Start of diagnosis

Start of diagnosis
Our diagnostician will conduct the diagnosis and prepare a report. The time required for the diagnosis will vary depending on the number of the target facilities.