Cortex XSOAR Introduction and Operation Support Services

SOAR, the Savior of SOC

In recent years, the scale of cyber-attacks has increased and the number of alerts has risen, SOCs and its operations are becoming inefficient. With the risk of missing the steps that should have been taken, more and more SOCs are utilizing SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) solutions.
Palo Alto Networks' SOAR product, Cortex XSOAR, is an integrated management platform that provides incident management, incident response automation, and threat intelligence management, and is a savior that streamlines security operations and solves the challenges faced by SOCs.
We use our expertise knowledge to solve questions and problems that our customers who have already implemented Cortex XSOAR, and to provide professional services to customers who are considering to implement Cortex XSOAR.

We solve your problems

  • Security operations are inefficient and overwhelmed by the number of security alerts.
  • The latest cyber-attack countermeasures have not been established due to lack of time for analytical work.
  • Desire to achieve a consistent security operation process from alert detection to reporting after response is completed.
  • Cortex XSOAR has been deployed but has not been utilized well.

Service Features

Implementation Support

Implementation Support

  • In order to represent and maintain the value of Cortex XSOAR products, The initial work and planning for the continuous management prior to the implementation of products. In this service, we will support you in a series of processes that occur before the implementation, including design, construction, test, and other processes that occur before implementation, as well as to keep operations of the system running smoothly after implementation. PoC supports for the implementation are also provided.

The service will be provided for 3 months.

  • In order for Cortex XSOAR to work comfortably and increase the efficiency of security operations, must meet minimum of all system requirements, and multi-tenant deployment or redundant configurations might be needed in some cases. We also support to construct infrastructure before designing Cortex XSOAR operations. Support only for infrastructure construction is not provided.

Support only for infrastructure construction is not provided.

Operational Support

Operational Support

  • If the time is taken to resolve various questions and issues that arise while using Cortex XSOAR, the risk of schedule delays increases, and it takes time to automate and streamline your security operations. Based on our accumulated knowledge, this service provides Q&A to resolve customer’s questions/problems quickly.
  • Creating a PlayBook with Cortex XSOAR requires a variety of knowledge and techniques unique to Cortex XSOAR. This service allows our Cortex XSOAR engineers to take on the creation of new PlayBooks that are planning to use, and to discover the benefits of Cortex XSOAR by utilizing PlayBooks in the early stages of implementation. Our Cortex XSOAR engineers will also check the content and operation of the PlayBooks that have already been cerated, and make improvements to further efficiency and advancement.
Cortex XSOAR Operations Consulting and Engineering

Cortex XSOAR Operations Consulting and Engineering

  • Our Cortex XSOAR engineers will review the functions in use and various custom contents in your environment, and make proposals for effective use of Cortex XSOAR and work as needed.
  • We will be the first to catch up on updates that are released on a regular basis, share them with you, investigate their impact on your existing environment, and verify the functionality of new features as they become available.

SOAR is not just a tool for automation

SOAR, which was created in 2015, has been gaining popularity in the security industry in recent years, and interest in SOAR is growing in Japan as well. However, many people say that SOAR has not been successfully implemented due to the misconception that SOAR is only a tool for automation. SOAR was originally created to be a case management and analysis platform, and automation is only one of the means to that end. It is important to clarify what is the purpose of SOAR and what you want to do after achieving efficiency, and then consider the construction of SOAR environment.
Cortex XSOAR meets the requirements of SOAR solutions (orchestration, automation, incident response and management, and threat intelligence management), and offers a number of other features such as improved team collaboration, intuitive PlayBook creation screens, and performance visibility into incident response. Cortex XSO is a leading provider of security solutions for our customers. We look forward to helping you maximize the use of Cortex XSOAR to improve the quality of your organization's security.


Price List & Plans

There are several plans available depending on the services you require.

Installation Support Service

Support is provided remotely, but on-site work may be required to build infrastructure. There is no plan to build infrastructure only.


Operational Support Services

All services are provided remotely. Between plan B and plan D, we ask customers to prepare their own work terminals or set up an environment that can be accessed from our PCs.