CyberArk Implementation/Operations Support Service

Privileged Account Management and Protection

"Privileged account management and protection" is one of the most important countermeasures against Advanced Persistent Threat and Internal Fraudulent Acts. Managing privileged accounts is significantly important for criteria of various security guidelines such as SOX Act, PCI DSS, NIST SP800-171, System Management Standards (METI), as well as for internal control audit. While attacks and unauthorized access against companies are increasing rapidly, the scope of privileged access management keeps expanding, and strong security that is not limited to manage like before is required. We provide implementation and operational support for CyberArk, which has established a proven track record on a global scale, to help you strengthen the security of privileged accounts.

CyberArk solves complicated management situations that could lead to privileged information leakage.

  • Manual password change and change control
  • Passwords embedded in plain text in source codes, etc.
  • Management and flow of privileged information using inventory
  • Manual verification of audit logs

Features of IDR's CyberArk implementation/operational support services

Full support for implementation and construction by engineers with extensive experience

Full support for implementation and construction by engineers with extensive experience

  • Comprehensive support from requirement definition, design to construction
  • Configuring the operation settings in detail upon customer requests
  • Working with a manufacturer to solve problems
Long-term support to ensure stable and continuous use

Long-term support to ensure stable and continuous use

  • Providing documents for users and administrators as operations begin
  • Training to improve skills required for operation and response to inquiries
  • Long-term operational support by maintaining vulnerabilities, bugs, etc., in Cyber Ark products
  • Assisting with configuration changes in day-to-day operation of CyberArk

Features of CyberArk

CyberArk manages privileged access to the systems centrally.
The feature of CyberArk is not distributing passwords but storing it only in CyberArk. Also, log in to the system, controls user access, records access and activities, and changes passwords automatically.

The privileged passwords are hidden from users, and the privileged information will not remain on user or work terminals by logging in using multi-factor authentication.


From application to pre-implementation (before the project starts)


Please contact us to let us know the services you are interested in. Your request will be reviewed and a proposal from implementation to operations will be prepared. The contract will be proceeded if there is no problem with the content.

STEP02|Project Preparation

Preparation for the project
Our requests for the implementation of the system will be presented, and there will be action items required by clients after signing of the contract.

STEP03|Start of Project

In addition to project management, from requirement definition to construction including testing will be provided as a construction support.

From CyberArk implementation to operational support (after the project starts)

Once the implementation support starts, from requirement definition to detailed design, construction, and testing will be provided in order to integrate with the customer's system. Operational support will be provided after the implementation of CyberArk is complete.

Requirement definition (implementation support)

・Hearings on the usage and management status of privileged accounts to determine whether CyberArk can manage them
・The methods of data transmission and integration of authentication between CyberArk and the existing system are examined by hearing the status of the current system environment.
・Examining the selection of functions and settings for the usage scenarios of privileged accounts.

Design and construction (Implementation support)

・Implementing the design of infrastructure and CyberArk software in accordance with requirements.
・Building the base of infrastructure and configuration of the basic settings based on the design
・Initial registration of existing privileged accounts on behalf of the clients

Testing (Implementation support)

・Confirmation of the system operating as expected
・Switchover testing in consideration of unexpected events such as system failures

Explanation for administrators/users (Introduction support)

・Training of necessary tasks for administrators/users
・Preparation of documents such as procedure manuals for administrators/users

Post-introduction maintenance (Operational support)

・Support for inquiries and failures
Investigation and response to inquiries of CyberArk
Support for resolving the unexpected situations such as system troubles and failures.
・Configuration support
Support for adding and deleting privileged accounts
・Vulnerability and bug handling
Investigating and appling patches for vulnerabilities and defects that occur regularly
Support for software updates using EOL, etc.