Security Training


Incidents of information leakage due to internal fraud, cyber attacks, and loss of storage media have occurred in many companies. In order to prepare for such risks, security education for employees and contractors is becoming increasingly important.
However, in many cases, when training is actually conducted in-house, the content becomes formulaic due to a lack of personnel and information, and the effectiveness of the training is not truly demonstrated.
IDR provides optimal security training for each client based on our track record of providing one-stop security services to clients in a variety of industries.

We solve your problems

  • Lack of members with expertise
  • Increased cost of information gathering due to the increasing types of cyber attacks
  • Rut of educational content
  • Lack of information on specific cases

Service Features

Customized Training Content for Each Position and Organization

Customized Training Content for Each Position and Organization

  • The knowledge and skills required by each position, such as general employees and managers, and by each organization, such as departments that handle personal information or manage IT systems, differ. IDR provides effective training to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills based on the characteristics of the participant's position and organization.
Support for Various Course Formats

Support for Various Course Formats

  • In addition to classroom training, we can also provide security education in a variety of other effective formats to suit your situation. ① Workshop format: Participants can work individually, in groups, or as a whole group. This allows for practical learning. ②e-learning: Taking courses through an online education system. This method enables learning regardless of location and time, and makes it easy to measure the effectiveness of the program through confirmation tests and tabulation.

Introduction Flow

STEP01|Interviews, design of training content

We interview the client about their security system and types of issues they have, and confirm what needs to be improved. Based on this, we make a plan for what kind of training and measures will be most effective.

STEP02|Education Implementation

IDR provides information security training by selecting the most appropriate training format from a variety of options, such as workshops and e-learning. In addition, IDR can also provide training in preparation for security incidents, etc., in addition to periodic training.

STEP03|Effectiveness Measurement

We measure the effectiveness of security training through questionnaires and confirmation tests after the training is conducted.

STEP04|Provision of report

A detailed analysis will be conducted based on the results of the effectiveness measurement. This will provide comprehensive information on the effectiveness of the measures taken, issues that remain after the training, and further security training plans to resolve these issues.

Recruitment Benefits

We can propose improvement measures that go beyond training.

IDR's security specialists will propose improvements to the client's current situation as revealed by the training preparation phase and post-training effectiveness measurement.

We can provide you with information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

IDR's security specialists can provide you with the latest security information and information on actual security incidents. This ensures a convincing training experience.

Strengthening practical response skills through "Thinking" Learning

With the recent increase in security incidents, it is becoming increasingly important for regular employees to have the skills to respond appropriately to security incidents. In addition to providing practical learning in a workshop format, IDR's classroom training emphasizes "think for oneself" through exercises.

We thoroughly reduce man-hours for our clients.

The tasks that must be done, from planning to measuring effectiveness and planning for the next fiscal year related to security training, are enormous and generate many man-hours. IDR provides total support for security training, reducing the man-hours required by the client.