Security Governance

With many cloud services such as AWS, Azure, and GCP now available, more and more companies are adopting a "multi-cloud" approach, in which multiple cloud services are mixed within the same company. This creates new challenges, such as the possibility of business shutdowns due to the inability to comply with stricter laws and regulations, and the degradation of corporate brands due to the leakage of confidential information.
We provide information security measures that are controlled by the entire organization.

We solve your problems

  • Cost is too high to implement a solution
  • Group companies have different rules and regulations that cannot be unified
  • The range of stakeholders is too broad and it is difficult to organize their opinions

Service Features

Establishment of company-wide security strategy and compliance with international standards

Establishment of company-wide security strategy and compliance with international standards

  • We provide support in a wide range of areas, such as the formulation of security rules for the company and group companies as a whole, compliance with international standards, and the establishment and strengthening of security governance.
Ensuring both quality and cost reduction

Ensuring both quality and cost reduction

  • IDR provides a one-stop service from business support to system construction and implementation by specialists with expertise in each of these areas. This allows us to provide high quality services that meet our clients' requirements at optimal costs.
Support for customer-specific rules and regulations

Support for customer-specific rules and regulations

  • IDR can also customize and accommodate customer-specific regulations and operational rules that cannot be filled in by systems and tools.


・ISO認証取得並びにNIST SP800-171対応支援

Introduction Flow

STEP01|Preliminary survey

Through interviews with the client, we take stock of the following information.
・Business contents and workflow
・Rules on information storage, retrieval, sharing, and communication.
In addition, we will conduct the following tasks according to the situation.
・Investigation of multi-cloud environment
・Analysis of information management level
・Re-establishment of rules


We evaluate the status of your cloud infrastructure by department, by loop company, or by any other unit, using an international standard-based template for scoring. By using a common template, you can monitor the entire multi-cloud environment with a well-controlled standard.


The following adjustments are made according to the situation.
・Scrutinize the differences between ISO27001 and ISO27017.
・Scrutinize the differences between ISO27001 and NIST SP800-171.
・Compare Container with Serverless, and the audit items are standardized.


We conduct a business characteristic classification survey to identify the tasks in the client's business that are performed in a fixed flow or with similar repetitive content, and examine the possibility of automating these tasks. Based on the results of the survey, we will build automation using our cloud environment security auditing products.