QuickStart for i-FILTER@Cloud

About QuickStart for i-FILTER@Cloud

Security measures are becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to prepare for the risk of information leakage due to internal fraud or cyber attacks.
However, there are many hurdles to overcome before introducing i-FILTER@Cloud. To address these issues, IdealRoute Consulting's "QuickStart for i-FILTER@Cloud" will support smooth introduction of "i-FILTER@Cloud" by resolving issues one by one.

Challenges in Implementing Security Measures for Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Difficulty of in-house implementation due to lack of time and knowledge
  • Lack of knowledge of security operations makes it difficult to make appropriate settings
  • Introducing security measures is urgent, but do not know how to start

Service Features

Easy to implement

Easy to implement

  • Even if you do not have a dedicated information system staff or are too busy with your daily work to be involved in the implementation of "i-FILTER@-Cloud", we are here to support you!
  • IdealRoute Consulting will configure the server settings necessary for using "i-FILTER@-Cloud" on behalf of the customer. Web security settings can be established in as little as three business days*1, making it easier to implement security measures.
Providing optimal web security settings

Providing optimal web security settings

  • Utilizing our extensive knowledge of cyber security and IdealRoute Consulting's expertise in proposing security operations that support our clients' businesses, we provide "white operation" filtering settings that prevent unknown threats as recommended settings suitable for your business.
  • We also offer optional "Add-on" to cover the services that are not included in the standard implementation support.
*1 This is the server configuration period required after the "i-FILTER@Cloud" license is issued and the hearing sheet filled out by the customer is confirmed. The period from the "i-FILTER@Cloud" application to the issuance of the license is not included.

Installation Flow

STEP01|Service Application

・Apply for "QuickStart for i-FILTER@Cloud"
・Fill out the required information in the hearing sheet

STEP02|Preliminary Preparation

・ IdealRoute Consulting will configure the server settings for "i-FILTER@Cloud"
・PC set up for customers


・Start using "i-FILTER@Cloud"
・Lecture for administrators on operational methods

Standard Service Contents

The following will be implemented as a standard menu of "QuickStart for i-FILTER@Cloud":

User Creation

Create a user for authentication with "i-FILTER@Cloud. "

PAC Script Setting

In addition to the content, including Microsoft365, iCloud, web conferencing, etc., which are prepared in advance and recommended as exclusion, URLs listed on the hearing sheet as proxy exclusion will be set.
*The customer will be responsible for providing the equipment to install Reporter.

Filtering Setting

Filter groups and filter settings (URL filter, content filter) for filtering settings.
Three filter groups are available for "system administrators," "general users," and "PR, sales, and other video service viewers. "
*Up to five filters can be added or changed upon request.

Web Service Restriction Setting

Configure detailed filter for specific functions of web services.
Controls for social networking services such as Facebook, "Allow logging in and browsing, but prohibit posting, etc.", we will configure the settings based on the information provided in the hearing sheet.

Connection Settings for Accounts

Configure "i-FILTER@Cloud" settings for linking with Azure AD/Google Workspace.
Customers are required to configure the necessary settings for the linked services.

Single Sign-on Configuration

Configure "i-FILTER@Cloud" for single sign-on using Azure AD.
Customers are required to configure the necessary settings for the linked services.

Briefing for Administrators

One-hour briefing for administrators on basic operations.


Standard service ~100 licenses ¥200,000 (excluding tax)
101-300 licenses ¥400,000 (excluding tax)
Option at the installation Add on setting ¥100,000 (excluding tax)
Operation and maintenance support inquiry period: 3 months
¥100,000 yen (excluding tax)
Operation and maintenance support inquiry period: 1 month
¥50,000 yen (excluding tax)