SASE implementation support (PrismaAccess/NGFW construction)

Breaking Free from "Just Inconvenient and Cumbersome" Security

Have you ever heard of the SASE concept?
Until now, network and security personnel have often been assigned to separate tasks, even though the two are normally closely related. As a result, "security" became an afterthought to protect the system, and from the user's perspective, it only reduced performance and increased "inconvenience and trouble”. SASE solves this problem by treating network and security as a single entity, so that users can use the system safely without being aware of the presence of security.

Do you have any of the following needs or concerns?

  • Want to use multi-cloud/hybrid cloud securely
  • Want to establish a secure telework environment quickly
  • Want to centrally manage the network of data centers/locations
  • Want to simplify and visualize the complex operation of various appliance devices
  • VPN setup is troublesome, managing equipment is a hassle
  • There is an information system manager, but networking is not his specialty

What you can do with PrismaAccess + NGFW + Panorama

Centralized Management on the Cloud

Centralized Management on the Cloud

  • Network and security can be centrally managed in the cloud.
  • Consistent policies can be applied to headquarters, offices, DCs, and employees working from home.
  • Centralize VPN connections that tend to be disjointed.
Traffic and Security Visualization

Traffic and Security Visualization

  • Traffic and log data are aggregated, enabling a cross-sectional and bird's eye view.
  • The availability of connections for each user and location can be clearly identified at a glance.
  • Logs and analysis data can be used for improvement.

Introduction Flow (Model Case)

STEP01|Determination of the scope of support

■Meeting to determine the scope of support
Depending on the situation of the project, the appropriate scope and time frame will be determined.
 (1) Requirement definition (configuration study)
 (2)Basic design
 (3)Detailed design
 (4) Construction/deployment
 (5)Advisory (QA support over a certain period of time)
 (6) Operational support (reporting support over a certain period of time)
 Appropriate cost will be calculated based on the PJ period and scope.

STEP02|Preparation of deliverables

■We will create the necessary outputs (deliverables) according to the scope of support determined in STEP 1.

 (1) Requirement Definition ⇒ Configuration Information/Proposal
 (2) Basic design ⇒ Basic design document
 (3)Detailed Design ⇒ Detailed Design/Parameter Sheet
 (4) Construction/Deployment ⇒ Field Operation Procedures
 (5)Advisory ⇒ Inquiry management chart
 (6)Operation support ⇒ Traffic report, etc.
■When the output is a document, we will review it together with the client.

STEP03|On-site support

In particular, when the support response includes (4) Construction/Deployment, we will construct SASE on the cloud and install NGFW to be installed at the data center or at the base of operations.
■Unit testing (pre-shipment inspection)
We test the purchased equipment by actually starting it up to ensure that there are no initial defects or abnormalities.
■Combination test
We test the linkage with SASE and the customer's system, mainly during the on-site installation work.
This may be conducted at a later date depending on the schedule.
■Documentation/operation handover
Upon request, we will create operational procedure manuals, provide user training, and hand over operations.

We can also accept only NGFW introductions!

With an eye on the future implementation of PrismaAccess, we will help you to increase the level of security and management step by step, starting with the introduction of NGFW (Paloalto PA series).

PA-400 Series

For small-scale locations, stores, and branch offices

PA-3000 Series

For mid-size offices and small data centers

PA-5000 Series

For large data centers and carriers