Support services for introduction and utilization of behavior analysis (Exabeam)

SIEM platform that can maximize the capabilities of your security team

The larger the system size, the higher the operational burden on the SOC.
Exabeam uses machine learning to automatically analyze the behavior patterns of each user from logs collected from any environment. The analyzed results are scored, and alerts are sent to operators when threshold values are exceeded, reducing the burden on operators and speeding up incident response. In addition, SOAR functionality can be used to automate incident response.
We can help you implement Exabeam to reduce the operational burden on your SOC and improve your security level.

We solve your problems

  • Want to detect internal fraud before it happens
  • Want to improve the security level

Service Features

Predictive detection of internal fraud through opportunity learning

Predictive detection of internal fraud through opportunity learning

  • The data regardless of OS, device, cloud, or on-premises can be collected and analyzeed.
  • Security data such as malware, viruses, and threat information can be collected and analyzed.
  • It can create behavior patterns for each of its constituents through opportunity learning (UEBA).
  • When it detects a behavior that deviates from the normal behavior pattern, it scores the behavior and notifies the user on the timeline.
Timeline and Intuitive Interface Increase Security Levels

Timeline and Intuitive Interface Increase Security Levels

  • Various logs are automatically linked to a person or device and displayed on a timeline, allowing for quick threat assessment without having to view a large number of logs.
  • The simple and intuitive interface increases operational efficiency.

Advantages of requesting DAC

■EInstallation support by engineers who know Exabeam inside and out

・We provide a full range of support services, including confirmation of the environment required for Exabeam installation and the actual installation process.
・Detailed configuration of the system according to the customer's needs.
・Provide a variety of documents for operation.

■Long-term operational support
・Support for tuning and updating after Exabeam is installed
・Training on skills required for operation

Introduction Support

STEP01|Proposal and requirement definition

・Hearing the customer's system environment in detail
・Propose an introduction method that fits the system configuration

STEP02|Design and construction

Design and construction
・Design the system to suit the customer's system.
・Construction and configuration based on the design

STEP03|Operation verification

・Confirmation that the system is operating as expected
・Detailed tuning is performed based on the results.

Operational Support

We provide operational support after the implementation of Exabeam is complete.
Standard services include training and reporting, but we can also provide customized services upon request.

Operational Support

・Tuning support based on operational status
・Data analysis support by our engineers

Q&A support

・Inquiry support